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IMAGE STAR always works on these principles. IMAGE STAR Deals with Compatible Toner Cartridges, Toner Powder, Cartridge Parts, Ink and many more products with the flag ship brand IMAGE KING. The story started in the year 1995 in a humble way with its small 200 sq feet Office in a prime and commercial IT market Ritchie Street, Chennai. This year 2021, we are celebrating the 26th year of success. What makes image star different and why is it recognized well?

  1. IMAGE STAR sales during the year 2021 has grown up by 135% compared to the pre Covid period which is very high in the overall Growth of the industry.
 2. IMAGE STAR is one of the first companies which Went in to cloud 10 years ago in the line of adopting latest technology.
 3. IMAGE STAR was busy working on SalesForce during the lockdown after signing up with SalesForce in 2020 and results are Astonishing.
 4. IMAGE STAR channel partners are widespread all over india, from Leh Ladakh in north to Andaman in south and from Jam nagar in west to Aizawl in north east.
 5. IMAGE STAR has always been recognized for its Organized Corporate style in the industry.
 6. IMAGE STAR is known and appreciated for bringing a revolution in packing concepts in Imaging industry.
 7. IMAGE STAR is recognized and well known for its quality based products in the industry.

List will continue to go on. In short IMAGE STAR is always considered as unique because of the numerous changes and developments brought by it in the industry in these 25 years. The founder of IMAGE STAR Mr.Masood Ahmed Khan familiarly known as Mr.Khan firmly Believes in Honesty and is passionate towards his work, implementing new ideas and working on challenges. Always work with the mindset of work without aiming for materialistic benefits. If your work and honesty is recognized you Will be rewarded by God. Mr.Khan always believes in grow together because happiness and growth can be multiplied only when it is shared.

In this 26th year, We are announcing a new journey with the Tag Line NEXT GENERATION. This includes arranging free flow of stocks to our channel partners across india, in order to cut down the transportation time and facilitate the modern developments which are available in modern Logistics. IMAGE STAR is planning to open multiple warehouses across india. To accomplish this, we have planned to open a warehouse in every 400 km across india so that we can cover 200 km from both the ends and make the products available in two days time instead of waiting for a long period. To start with, we have opened three warehouses which have already started functioning in 1. Banglore 2. Mumbai 3.Delhi. Soon we will have in Hyderabad and Coimbatore. IMAGE STAR is Supporting channel partners with Artificial Intelligence based on data of the past purchases of respective customers and update recent developments in respective cities so that channel partners business business can grow up and making it as win win situation because IMAGE STAR always follow a mantra as WE DONT BUILD BUSINESS WE BUILD PEOPLE AND PEOPLE BUILD BUSINESS To mark the commencement of NEXT GENERATION, the packing of all compatible TONER CARTRIDGES have been changed and presented with new looks and upgraded quality. India has developed a lot and looks for high quality products specially the current generation always wants the best from the respective industries. INDIA is the youngest country in the world with highest number of young and talented people. Let us make India a successful country and a superpower in the world. JOIN THE GROWTH.

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